Monday, April 24, 2017


1) The PSA is effective because I feel that they added real like looking action and added some real stuff that could happen if this did happen like a family being in the accident and teens. They also added the screaming which really worked. The images of the video for me was the most effective because of how it presented itself, they weren't afraid to put the real world in the video. My dad is always really strict that we have our seatbelts on and he will not move the car until we have them all on and it can sometimes be so annoying but I still understand him. He has been like this since he when to this driving class and they showed what can happen if you don't have a seatbelt on and since that moment he got paranoid about always have a seatbelt on, but I'm happy he attended that class because if he didn't my sibling won't even remember to have the belts on and who knows what would happen.

 The purpose of this PSA is to not drink and drive.
 I find this really useful because when kids go to prom the last thing they think about is drunk driving they just want to have fun and they end up drinking on the after party or sneak in some alcohol them self.
 For them, prom isn't making sure you get home safely it about partying and living.

Monday, April 17, 2017

1) The lack of a diploma can affect a person health by stressing them out because a diploma is necessary if you want a good job or want to earn a good wage. Imagine a person that dropped out of high school vs a person who did go through there whole years in high school who do you think will get a better chance of a work.

2) If 1 million kids don't get their diploma it could harm the society like having fewer jobs dropouts can have and it can effect their future of what they could have been if they did gradute, now most likely they can't be that and now there will be one less person in that job area.

3) If About 25% of high school freshmen fail to graduate from high school on time it can harm the school like having fewer graduates for that year they were supposed to gradute. Some things the school can help maybe offer some help to the student that needs help.

Monday, April 10, 2017

  1. Grit means bravery, courage and or strength in character and this is needed in life because we need to have something in our personality that is positive so we can use it for good, something that we can look forward to. I have mixed feelings for the phrase “entitled” child culture, I agree with the phrase because kids have the right to speech and to deserve what they want, but I also disagree because kids should also be put to limits and should start not being greedy so I'm kinda mixed about this phrase.

2. Gradual progress rather than last-minute cramming can build a person by helping them learn more about the subject and If they take there time they will learn more than If they did all the work last minute. It is important because If we do everything last minute and squeeze everything into an hour, most likely we would not even learn nothing than actually taking time to do our work or study for a test so your brain can remember what It learn rather than throwing a bunch of information last minute.
3.  In any of these 6 traits I feel that I'm stronger in kindness because I can be pretty kind and nice even I get tired in myself, I always tend to find the positive in every situation and just get away from any drama, but I also have not so kind side but I really never show that side.
My family has had problems and I remember I really didn't get into that only if it involved me. My cousins had problems and some don't talk to each other and when we have family cookouts we know that he/her would not come but if they do we don't even see them but I still talk to them and try to get them to talk but it's never going to happen.

The trait I would have to work on would be confidence because I'm not fully confident with myself. Im working on it it and i'm sure that in 3 years or less I would be fully confident in myself.

Monday, March 20, 2017

A college training is even more important nowadays compared to those who grew up even a few decades ago because college is more expensive nowadays than it was back then.... in the article is says earning gap between high school students and college grads is widening over time. 

Better grades are linked to study and actually focusing in school and having a better life when the article it says that people who  keep studying after high school at one ­point increase in GPA doubles the chance for both genders that a person will complete college, increasing that probability from 21 percent to 42 percent

It was seen in hispanic and african american men because they were more motivated to finish the education.
 African American and Hispanic men were actually more likely to go to college and graduate school than whites with similar GPAs a sign that minority students with good grades may be more motivated to finish school and advance their education.

Monday, March 13, 2017

1) The reason behind student enrollment is because they dont have the money or the time for college.
 About 82% of the school's students are low-income and 25% are special-education students.

2) Military schools are mostly used by students that can't afford collage. This would be the best choice for them because college payment will be easier because of your military experence. It can be the best choice for people that cant afford college.

3) Having student responsibility can be important because if you still aren't fully aware your out of high school and now its off to college and you need that responsibility.
Some thing we can do to make shps "student responsible' is make strict rules.

Monday, March 6, 2017

In my opinion I think it is a good idea and it's really clever for the schools to do that.
It will give the school an idea of a student that is applying of what they really are over media.
But It can also be unfair, just image a 12 year old kid posting something that he would never post when he would be older and a collage doesn't accept him, well he was a kid and didn't know, with just one wrong move your favorite college might not accept you because of your childish chooses.

I do agree with this because they want to be the center of attention or just are bored and want to get attention and start acting silly and just playing around just to get attention rather than having or doing work that will get them somewhere.

High school is preparing us by blocking social media ( but not all) but students still find a way to get back to it.
Also high school is preparing us or the hard life YOU WILL use math in your life even if you don't think…. If you have a house you will use math, if you buy stuff you will use it to.

Monday, February 27, 2017

  1. My rent is $759 a month and dividing it in half its $379
  2. Water ($70) , heater($90) /air conditioning ($70) , gas($100) , electric bill($50) , phone ($11.25 with family plan with verizon) , car insurance ($213) , food ($200) , entertainment ($200) , & essentials ($250) . ALL OF THIS ADDED TOGETHER IS 1304.25 but if i live with someone i will pay only half which is $652
  3. I would be painful because first of all Every month you would have to see if you have enough to pay and you might not even have enough some days.
           Having to feel every month that you need $$ to pay the bill. If you're having a bad day and they don't pay as much that will create a big disaster which you will have to cut something from the monthly payment.
Something that could go wrong is not have enough or your roommate leaving.
It is important to have a skill so your boss will never fire you, so they know that if they do fire you they will lose something big and business will go down because of your skill or hard work.